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Taking the Key

Financial Life Plan

The Financial Life Professional program is for anyone looking to find more passion in their line of work, the need to increase your income and find more certainty in what you do. It is also designed to help you identify what matters most to you in life, whether that is family, your health, being happy and soon on. 


I became a certified financial life professional over 5 years ago. This course really resonates with me to this day because I am self employed. I have been for most of my professional career. I always had a goal and vision to run my own businesses because I wanted the freedom to build what I wanted. I also desired the ability to shape and grow my finances myself and not have to be limited to a salary or wage that would just be taxed and taken from me every year. Running, managing and taking full accountability for my career has been a tremendous amount of work, but now as I continue to grow I can truly reap the rewards of building and designing my career and life with intention and not by default or following someone else’s poor plan. As the old saying goes “ if you don’t have a plan for your day, someone else will and it won’t be very good” 


Let’s face it, we all have to work, so putting in the time and serious effort to identify what you really love to do should be a non negotiable. Yet we get so distracted by other things in life and then we settle. Don’t make this mistake, instead plan on: 


  • Identify what your main outcomes are in life that you want. 

  • How you want to achieve them and by when.

  • Creating the Money, Wealth and Worth you want to attract. 

  • Believing that you are worth it, and can do it. 

  • Understand what is most important to you in life.

  • Stopping attention robbers.

  • Become financially literate in personal finances and business building skills that you can use for life.

  • Learn how you can earn, keep, and grow more of your money. 

  • Develop and find your calling or Passion in life that will keep you growing and moving forward creating more. 


Personally, it taught me that if I want to achieve anything in life that I need to stop looking out at the external world for certainty or permission. I simply needed to do it myself but not by myself. 


With that last insight, the one about taking the first step and doing it myself, this is when things really started to change for me. I started making new rules, rules that would first serve me and then everyone around me. I started taking more control and accountability for everything around me, not just what I was up to but everything that I had control over around me and what I did not have control over. I did not let it bother me because I knew it would not serve me and only slow me down. I stopped letting all types of distractions take my attention and rob me of energy that I could be using to build and grow. Best of all I stopped making excuses for myself. Once I was doing all this I had no more excuses to make, no dark shadows to hide behind. But I could only see the light on what it was that I wanted. This gave me a hunger for more like I have never experienced in my life before. My standards had been raised and I was not going back to the same person I once was. This course has upgraded me as an individual in life. With this new perspective not only could I be a better person but a better servant to others around me. This is so important because at the end of the day, we are all servants for each other. We feed off of energy, good or bad. I am glad to say that now I am giving out a lot more good energy and this course was a big part of that change in me. Make no mistake that many people want to change, but it has to be a choice you want to make, and know that you do have that choice. Upgrading yourself to reach a true never ending potential is a never ending journey. Know that whatever goal you put in-front of yourself to achieve that the real victory or win is the individual we turn into in order to get to that new thing or goal we want. The bigger the goal you set and chase, the more you grow. If you are chasing a never ending goal you will never stop growing. 


So if you are looking for more then I challenge you to take a step forward and confront the very things that hold you back, for on the other side will be a new life waiting for you to arrive. The one you keep thinking about and dreaming of, it’s-just-on-the-other-side. 


Of course none of this would have been possible for me without a few coaches and mentors of my own. I am lucky in the sense that at any age in any place I would latch onto a role model or mentor around me. Good or bad mentors do not matter for we can learn much from both. The greatest lessons come in forms of defeat. It’s only in defeat or failure we can learn to rise up above any kind of adversity or lose. Only in a loss can you learn that there is no such thing as a win-lose scenario, there are only moments of victory or learning, never a loss. 

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