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Apartment Building


If you are looking for a trusted seasoned team to invest with, we have you covered. Our investor experience ranges from single family dwellings, duplex, multifamily development to commercial and retail properties. Looking to invest and hold on to an asset long range or just participating in a term investment. We can mentor you along the way and show you how we operate while your money goes to work for you. 


Our investment locations are currently focused in the province of Ontario and the State of Florida. We focus our property search primarily on existing inventory that is in need of repair or redevelopment. We have found that secondary markets are places to focus on, also up and coming areas that offer reasonably close proximity to major cities and infrastructure. As larger cities around North America grow and continue to drive employment demand and housing needs we have found that areas up to 3 hrs outside of major cities also can significantly benefit from this growth. They offer both opportunity and have all amenities by having many real estate fundamentals in place to back stop and support the deals we are looking at. 


We typically like to meet investors in the markets we invest in. This allows us to showcase deals, review current market conditions and trends. We like to bring out members of our real estate team to answer any of your questions about the area, provide information on the lending landscape in relation to the local market, typical closing procedures, helpful renovation or development know-how so you can be aware of what some markets require. Tours range from .5 days to 2.5 days depending on location and size of our registered group per tour. Full itineraries and agendas are provided. So please stay in contact with us and join us on one of our upcoming property tours in the Ontario or Florida markets.  

Our property investments are offered through a GP/LP structure. To learn more and to discover our current property offerings please contact us for a no obligation appointment. 

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