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We are the Financial Life Professional's NFT

Where IRL financial literacy and equitable investing meets community and scalability in Web3

What We Are About

Our vision is to create a global community of financial life professional non fungible token (NFT) holders. The best part is that you may already be one and not even know it. Anyone can be a Financial Life Professional because everyone requires this knowledge and information to succeed at what we do, to sustain a quality lifestyle and always grow in areas of life that matters most. We do this by providing our members with assessments, literature, verbal and written lectures, live calls, retreats, networking summits, seminars, webinars, market information, sector market analysis related to political and sociological global events and trends, customized coaching, and mentor programs. We maintain a wide range of mediums to teach and convey our education because we all retain and process information differently. Equitable access is one of our missions.


Regardless of the level of training and education you wish to receive, when you have reviewed the material and completed the course you will leave with a better sense of what you are up to, why you are doing it, you will know how to monetize it, earn an income and you will be able to replicate this again for yourself in another business or practice it and apply it to everyday life in order to maintain leadership qualities and skills that will keep you on your game and ahead of any competitors, or better yet help you find ways to maintain and grow confidence in life worth.


The core of this program has been designed to address a global crisis affecting everyone. We are in a confidence crisis and have been for some time. We are all stretched to the limit, we have competing channels of information consuming our bandwidth. With whatever personal time we have left we are all challenged in creating more of what we truly want for ourselves. It’s no wonder we can’t get a handle on what’s most important in life when we are constantly bombarded with fear, anger, other people’s agendas and what seems like relentless global campaigns to quash the human soul.


We live in an economic world, this material is predominantly based around business and life preparation because whether we like it or not, we must produce results, to generate income to live the quality of life our families deserve. We have been working and refining this material for many years. What effects us all are the effects we can’t see coming. It’s time to do something about it, it’s time to act together and build a community we can all call home.

NFT Illustration

Why Create an NFT

An NFT is a perfect medium to create a powerful synergy of interoperability within the ecosystem of all things FLP. This body of work is very extensive, has much to offer all individuals at different comfort levels and at different stages or circumstances in life. The program can easily be broken down by beginner, intermediate and advanced. In addition to this the program can accommodate individuals that are aspiring professionals in the finance, development, real estate, mortgage, insurance, self employed and entrepreneurial sectors by custom designing a path or playbook that can enhance their existing career. 


Since this program is so versatile virtually anyone who has a mortgage, anyone who rents absolutely anyone that plans on investing in anything including themselves can take this course, participate in the NFT project and benefit in a multitude of verticals. 


Covering basic financial literacy terms, as identifying what it is that lights you up, making the most out of all you have are just some of the modules at the core of this program. 


We are bringing people certainty in uncertain times. 


Let there be no mistake that issuing and minting NFTs is not a top priority of our project, rather creating connections, community and collaboration with clients, partners and consumers is our current mission at hand. We want people to see what we offer, why we offer, why we all need it, who will benefit and when it would be ideal to consider/engage in a project of this type.

Our NFT Highlights

  • Providing financial education for every walk of life in business or personal finance

  • Providing financial literacy and helping people establish a self abundant sense in their Money, Wealth and Worth

  • Developing and Mentoring People who want M.O.R.E (Money, Omnipresence, Results, Entrepreneurship)

  • Access to coaching and mentorship

  • Access to an already established community of various industry professionals on a global scale

  • Access to wealth building strategies and tools

  • Utility offers access to business planning and start up coaching calls

  • Utility and Access includes literature and assessments that will help to self evaluate where you are and where it is you want to go

  • Access our entire platform digitally and globally

  • Utility includes weekly, monthly, and annual events around North America (Live digital events & In person physical events)

  • Utility includes access to global thought leaders, business titans, serial entrepreneurs that can help you grow richer in all things that matter to you

  • Access and utility include participating in investments and real estate opportunities globally IRL

  • Utility includes access to tokenized real estate projects and other tokenized asset classes

  • Exclusive access to NFT holder events and workshops

  • Access to Joint Venture partnerships around North America and Globally

  • Access to impromptu calls and seminars as needed, regarding global events and crisis mitigation measures to keep life and business functioning and abundant

  • Access to our 3M Life Approach Program “Mindfulness, Momentum & Motivation”

The FLP.NFT Road Map and Scaling Strategy

First and foremost, we are committed to execute on what we have planned so far over the next 6 months.

This project is very new and very big, so we want to be able to chunk it down into bite size pieces and scale the project with the growing community involvement and build to suite what the community needs and where the community requires the most support.

The growth can take many different directions, so we want to ensure total alignment and strategic planning is implemented to ensure not only growth, but lasting success.

Getting it right before we light it up is crucial to our team.
  • AUG 2022: Launch Discord

  • AUG 2022: Schedule Weekly Call – What does the FLP.NFT ecosystem look like?

  • AUG 8-9-10 2022: Toronto Project Launch Invite Event

  • SEP 2022: Miami Project Launch Invite Event

  • OCT 2022: Build out Discord & Mods

  • OCT 2022: Las Vegas Project Launch Invite Event

Things to come in time

  • DEC 2022: FLP.NFT Forum on NFT launch and what it looks like

  • JAN 2023: Community Appreciation Airdrop

  • FEB 2023: Focus on Collaboration Opportunities and Possibilities

  • MAR 2023: FLP.NFT Forum on Progress, Growth, Direction

  • 2023 & beyond

  • TOKENOMICS Monetary Policy
  • STO - Securitized Token Offering
  • L2E - Learn to Earn
  • Legal Council and Advisor Board
  • Gamification

Join the Community

Join our community to stay updated on our growth, progress and NFT launch. You'll also get access to upcoming live webinars and IRL events near you.

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The concept of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is fitting for such a global project with both tokenomics on the horizon and investable digital assets in addition to our IRL IP, the web3 space will appropriately complement and highlight our capabilities and many benefits. Financial Life Professional DAO. Connecting the global landscape of all things financial in one community.
Our mission: Serving others by helping them achieve financial security by showing that money, wealth and worth are all obtainable through conversation, education and mentorship.
Core values:
  • Empowering everyone in personal financial literacy

  • Establishing fundamental life education is the foundation of success

  • Entrepreneurship is for everyone

  • Financial freedom is a choice we can all make

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