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“ If there is no risk in what you are doing, the great investment return is already gone.”

We are very excited and grateful to be bringing the real estate market into the future and developing blockchain protocols to bring more security, transparency, liquidity and opportunity to our investors. Please stay tuned as this next chapter in investing and wealth building is still under development, but we will be sharing our progress and we are very active in this space on a daily basis, so if you have any questions or want to learn more right now you can always contact us to get the latest investor information on where we are at. 


We have at some point all heard about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Web3, maybe you have even heard about tokenization and fractionalized real estate assets. Some of these terms have been sensationalized by the media and celebrities but at their core these new buzz words and terms are rapidly changing the social, economic and wealth landscape on a global scale. Unfortunately, most news headlines focus on the underbelly scams, frauds and epically diabolical failures of both small and massive companies or individuals robbing people blind. Glorifying these utterly fraudulent groups does not lend credence or credibility to how blockchain works or how it is being used in massive companies we already know. Home Depot and Walmart alike implement blockchain technologies to help them track supply chains and create outstanding transparencies in their accounting software. 


So to provide certainty in the future implementation of the blockchain tech and exemplifying how it will transform every sector, job, city and country for the better. 


This mission must start with education. Simply put the blockchain digitizes records, puts them in order, decentralizes them by not holding the record in one single place but in thousands of places. It also is organized in an immutable ledger like an excel spreadsheet but safer and endless in size. These and many other facts make this technology the safest, most scalable and transparent system created in our existence. 


Blockchain technology has the potential to create opportunities for more people to participate in all different types of groups, associations or business possibilities. Securely transacting through DLT can most certainly be a potential growing trend as adoption and education continues to grow on a global scale. 


We are driven by our passion to serve, and are developing and expanding into the space to share and bring this value to not only everyday investors we work with, but with the tenants and leaseholders renting out the brick and mortar locations that exist in our portfolio. This space is very new, we are very early and education will be at the forefront for many years to come as we work with stakeholders to procure exciting new possibilities for our clients. 

Residential Neighborhood

What We Are Up To

RentW3LL Prelaunch

Where tenants can invest and investors' capital grows


We are building an exchange community that will serve our clients as investors or tenants of our buildings. The platform will be designed to welcome new users who want to change the lending landscape and make it easier for everyone to invest in housing....even for those who live in it. Our goal is to make it so easy to invest that you can't help but join. By creating opportunity, property share and other mechanisms we will build a new standard of equity. We will foster a new meaning for the word investor, and we will shift the paradigm which leaves so many behind. 

Investor Benefits
  • Investors will be whitelisted to view our future roadmap and journey 

  • Our NFT plan will be developed with our project team and community as we grow  

  • Profits paid out in fiat or crypto 

  • Secured equity collateralized by real estate

  • Fractionalized offerings will be transferable through our platform

  • Access to view the portfolio and know what the investment looks like

  • Ability to invest in increments as low as $5 per transaction

Tenant Benefits
  • Pride of ownership

  • Invest where you live

  • Transferable credits (if you move you can redeem credits for rent discounts)**

  • Potential to contribute to the community you live in, by helping and supporting others

  • Own part of your apartment 

  • Ability to select your investment suitability 

  • NFT utility to leverage financial literacy materials 

  • Access to financial literacy programs and workshops

What Does Tokenized Real Estate Look Like?
  • fractionalized ownership of an asset 

  • any assets or tradable commodity can be fractionalized

  • we are digitizing equity in quality real estate

  • focuses in multifamily real estate 

  • ownership is verified and immutable

  • a unit of ownership will be purchased in share or token form

  • each unit will represent a value that can be purchased

  • the value of each unit will be a nominal rate of $5 in increment 

  • units are tied to equity value in the asset and are not overleveraged

  • can be developed with tokenomics to set boundaries and rules

  • governance or gated tokens can provide greater security and reduce fraud  

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